Multimedia Projectors: A Key Component in the Classroom

Classrooms have changed dramatically over the last decade with the advent of new technologies and equipment developed to make teaching and learning more diversified and interactive. Today, more teachers than ever are using multimedia projectors in the classroom. Students no longer have to crowd around a computer monitor to view presentations, Web sites or training programs. Multimedia projectors are becoming the centerpiece of classroom technology hubs that directly engage students and add impact to each lesson.

Identifying Classroom Needs

The education market's growing interest in multimedia projectors has led to increased research and development efforts from product manufacturers. In the past, educators had to adapt projectors that were intended for business use. When educators wanted a portable projector, they often settled for reduced image quality, fewer connection options and a machine that could get very hot if run over long periods. However, when educators wanted a projector to perform at a high level for many hours, and could accommodate multiple connections, they likely settled for a large machine stationed in a multimedia center or other shared room where they had to relocate their class for that lesson - making it impractical for daily use. In both cases, these projectors were often difficult to operate, requiring assistance from an audiovisual specialist. The good news is that more products are being introduced to meet specific classroom needs. To get a better understanding of exactly what teachers, media and AV specialists are looking for, Philips recently worked with Quality Education Data Inc. (QED) to survey 500 educators and media specialists in U.S. public schools to learn more about technology and equipment trends in K-12 classrooms. Most significantly, the study uncovered how highly educators value multimedia projectors as essential classroom tools. In fact, AV specialists who participated predict a projector in every classroom within the next five years

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